Wetlands & Streambanks

Wetland Portable Seed Bank

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Wetlands & Streambanks 1

Cimarron River in Kingfisher Co. in Oklahoma

Common Reed is recommended for these reclamation projects:

  1. Streambank and shoreline stabilization
  2. Rehabilitation of polluted waters
  3. Filter Strips
  4. Constructed Lagoons and wetland cells for sewage and sludge treatment.

"Shoreline" Common Reed (rhizomes) released by: USDA, NRCS, Plant Materials Center at Knox City, Texas.

"Southwind" Common Reed (rhizomes) released by: USDS, NRCS, Plant Materials Center at Manhattan, Kansas.

Wetlands & Streambanks 2

Wetlands & Streambanks 3

  1. Wetlands and cell-systems afford livestock operators and alternative for waste water disposal.
  2. The lagoon and wetlands cell systems use natural means to transform potential pollutants to a clean water source.
  3. Wetlands provide an alternative to pumping waste water.
  4. Wetland Restoration provides good wildlife habitat!