• EarthBalance, Native Upland Restoration: A Helping Hand in the Return of Native Habitat

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  • JuHa Cattle Company - "Seeding is done with GRASSLANDER no til seeder, one of the few seeders capable of planting native grasses and fluffy seeds."
  • W. Paul Hamar, District Manager of Custer County Conservation District:

    "We purchased our Grasslander drill in February of 1992 and have covered around 2,000 acres with it. It has been virtually trouble free and the farmers have been very pleased with it. When our other drills need replacing, we will do so with Grasslander."
  • The Natives, Inc., upland ecosystems restoration company :

    "Seed is spread with a modified sod sprigger or Grasslander"
  • K. Kirkman & K. McIntyre, J.W. Jones Ecological Research Center,

    Native Ground Cover Partners presentation:

    "Grasslander seeder purchased and housed by GA DNR and private landowner"
  • Harold Heymann, Seedsman & Custom Planter - Burns, Kansas:

    "2000 acres and no problems"

    "Calibration of seeding rates infallible"

    "Will go where other seeders won't"

    "Weeds don't get too big"

    "Never has plugged up"
  • Steve Haynes, Manager State Lane - Idaho Falls, Idaho:

    "Easy to calibrate"

    "Precise calibration"

    "Good seed placement"
  • Albert Hutchison, Farmer & Custom Planter - Thomas, Oklahoma:

    "Won't plug up"

    "Go down road, won't bounce in bar ditch"

    "Can pull as fast as you can ride tractor"

    "Accurate calibration technique"