Grasslander Seeder

Grasslander Seeder

The Grasslander™ evolved out of need. I recognized the need for a better grass seeder when I worked for the Soil Conservation Service. I have drawings back to 1971. I developed my first working proto-type in 1986. I built two more improved versions and planted with them also in 1987. In 1988, I built my first seeder for the public. We have been manufacturing the "Grasslander No-Til Seeder" here on the Grasslander™ Ranch since that time.

The Grasslander No-Til Seeder™  is the ultimate No-Til Interseeder. Two seed boxes allows planting of bluestem, wiregrass, or other fluffy-trashy seed (no-clogging) and slick seeds such as switchgrass, small grains, legumes, lovegrass or fescue. Simplicity in design makes it maintenance-free and easy to calibrate.

The Grasslander™ tine harrows scarifies the soil, seed is then broadcasted on top of the ground via 5 inch tubes. Used tire casings (there is no air in them) roll the seed into the soil removing air pockets and insuring good seed to soil contact, taking maximum advantage of available moisture. This is the key to an excellent uniform stand of vegetation. The packing mechanism insures Grasslander™ will develop a good stand even under marginal conditions.

U.S. Patent 5,035,190 issued July 30, 1991 "Implement for Seeding Grass"



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  • Low Maintenance
  • 99.9% Clog-Free
  • Parts Available at Local Stores
  • Easy-to-Calibrate
  • Flow-Rate Controlled by Quick-Change Sprockets
  • Will Firm-Up Seedbed and Place Seed 0"-1/4" Deep
  • Directional Agitators Assure Constant Seed-Flow
  • No Stopping to Fix Flats in Mesquite or Rocky Country

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